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This stylish 32-page journal-style zine, featuring delightful doodles by illustrator C.J. Wheelwright, contains all you'll need to keep track of whatever Wednesday weirdnesses you may experience during #WUFO, including all of the Stargazing Sidequests for 2023 courtesy of Maighdlin Kelly, and a round-up of significant dates in UFO history from Rob Kristofferson!

According to the great John Keel, the best time to see a UFO is on any Wednesday night at 10 PM (Mothman Prophecies, pp 143-144). Based on Keel’s research, we decided to form an official Wednesday UFO Watch club! It is 100% open, free, and you can even participate virtually/remotely!


We encourage you to do Wednesday UFO Watch every Wednesday night, at 10 PM your local time. You can also join us weekly at WUFO.WATCH for our weekly Wednesday livestream. Make memories, take notes, create rituals, and have fun with this one-of-a-kind journal!

All proceeds from the sale of this journal will be donated to the International Dark Sky Association (!

Liminal Earth

The Official #WUFO Journal for 2023

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