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"How A Giant Tree In Winter Once Had Fun" is a collection of timeless folktales generated entirely via Artificial Intelligence. We are pleased to share this magical storytelling experience with you. 

The physical edition is printed on soft newsprint for that "timeless" feel. Read these mind-bending fables to your little ones at story time to really get them "thinking." Learn what happens to The Old Man, The Wizard, and The Troll, discover the tragic conclusion to the Farmer's Son and the Princess; be razzled and daresay dazzled by The Talking Plant's Treasure and The Falcon and the Potato in the Library; and finally, be enlightened by the time-honored classic tale of King Arvon: The Baby Raccoon Trapped in A Dumpster + many many more!

With the recent uptick of Artificial Intelligence services available to the public, we at Liminal Earth have been experimenting with using these tools as new forms of divination and storytelling. This collection represents just such an endeavor -- all the text was generated by feeding story prompts to AI services and the artwork likewise is the work of near-sentient algorithms; but the stories feel universal and familiar, like the most bizarre Aesop Fables you've ever read!


The following tale is not included in the collection:

The First Frog

Once upon a time there was a forest and in this forest lived a huge tree, that tree, the tree was a happy tree and had many friends. The tree had a pond, that pond was called the pond of the tree. Now one day the frog went to the tree and said hello. The tree was very happy to see the frog and said "welcome to my forest, i am happy to have you visit me". The frog said "i am sad to hear that, I used to live in a pond much bigger than this one, now I must find a new home."

The tree said "I am sorry, I think i know why you are sad. If you would like, i can give you some seeds to help you create your own pond."

The frog said "thank you very much but i am just a small tree frog, how will i grow trees?"

The tree said "you are not small, you are just a child and your friends will grow with you." Then the tree brought some seeds from his pocket and put them in a paper bag.

The frog took the bag and planted the seeds in a pond that was big enough for him. The frog said goodbye to the tree and went back to his pond. The tree said to the frog "Don't be sad because your pond has not grown as fast as you would like, i am happy to see you again. I hope your friends can grow bigger now, and i hope you and your friends are happy."

If you enjoyed this little tale, you'll LOVE "How a Giant Tree in Winter Once Had Fun!"


Liminal Earth

How A Giant Tree In Winter Once Had Fun

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